Lab Members


Nathalie Rochefort

PI, Professor of Visual Neuroscience

Patricia Maeso Hernandez

Research Assistant

Danai Katsanevaki

Post-doctoral fellow

Tom Flossmann

Post-doctoral fellow

Alfredo Llorca Molina

Post-doctoral fellow

Theo Amvrosiadis

Post-doctoral researcher

Nina Kudryashova

Post-doctoral researcher

Arthur Zhang

PhD student

Zihao Chen

PhD student


Zahid Padamsey

Post-doctoral fellow; now PI, Wellcome-MRC Institute of Metabolic Science University of Cambridge

Valerio Francioni

PhD Student, 2020 Winner of the Alison Douglas Prize (best PhD thesis); now post-doctoral associate at MIT, USA; Y. Eva Tang Postdoctoral Fellow.

Janelle Pakan

Post-doctoral fellow; now Group Leader, Center for Behavioral Brain Sciences (CBBS), Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg, Germany;

Scott Lowe

PhD student; now Post-doctoral fellow Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada, and Vector Institute, Toronto, Canada

Evelyn Dylda

PhD student 2013-2018, now Post-doctoral LSA Fellow, Center for Behavioral Brain Sciences (CBBS), Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg, Germany

Sander Keemink

Post-doctoral fellow; now Assistant professor, AI department, Donders Institute, Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands.

Nathalie Dupuy

Post-doctoral fellow; now Senior Biosimulation Scientist at Physiomics plc, Oxford.

Lukas Fischer

Post-doctoral fellow; now post-doctoral associate at MIT, USA

Stephen Currie

Post-doctoral fellow; now post-doctoral University of Edinburgh

Lotte Herstel

Master student 2017; now PhD student in Utrecht University, Netherlands

Christopher Coutts

Post-doctoral fellow, Resident Physician, Stereotactic Neurosurgery, University Hospital Magdeburg, Germany

Raphael Gould

Honours student, 2020, Physiology Honours, R J Maule Horne Prize winner! now, pursuing medical studies

Therese Gelbenegger

Master Student 2019; now works at Eli Lilly, marketing, Vienna, Austria

Greta Horvathova

Honours Student, 2021; now MRes Neurotechnology degree at Imperial College London

Danica Rubio

Master student 2020; now, Editorial Assistant, WAVE, medical communication agency, Buckinghamshire, UK.

Group Pictures


Autumnal Botanical Garden

The bridge

Favorite Café Terrace

Cherry Blossoms!

Back together, 'post-pandemic'

Secret Santa 2021

Christmas party 2021!

Scottish garden

Lab Retreat

Christmas Pub

With the Scottish dear

lab Dinner

Christmas market

At the National Museum of Scotland

Elevator pitch

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